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Vertical Machining Centers

Haas vertical machining centers are the industry standard for OEMs and job shops around the world. Haas VMCs and routers boast an industry-leading control, accessible pricing, and top-tier performance.

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VMC Innovations

Small details make a big difference.

Single-Button Features
Set a tool or work offset. Zero-return your machine. Call the next tool. Do each of these things and more, with the push a single button. Only on a Haas.

Wireless Intuitive Probing System
Want to drastically reduce your setup time? Set tool offsets, set work offsets, perform in-process inspection, detect broken tools, and more, with easy-to-use templates.

Media Player (M130)
Display pictures, drawings, setup sheets, tool lists, even videos, all with a simple M130 in your CNC program.

4th- and 5th-Axis, Plug-and-Play
Haas rotary products are designed to be quickly and easily added to your 3-axis mill, giving you 4- or 5-axis capability without needing a specialized 5-axis mill.

Simple Software Innovations
Part of the genius of the Haas control is our ability to take complex operations and simplify them for the machine operator. We’ve taken complicated features and made them easy for the average machinist to use. Simple. Innovation.

Operator Convenience
At Haas, the machine operator is always on our mind. Everything is within easy reach, from the work table and toolholder tray, to the washdown hose and air gun. If you stand in front of your machine all day, you’ll appreciate the time and effort Haas puts into all these details.

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Haas Connect video


Live status and notifications from your shop floor.

As a Haas owner, it’s easier than ever to stay in the loop. With HaasConnect, you can now monitor your Haas mills from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Also, receive notifications if your machine starts a new cycle, encounters an error, or needs assistance.

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Haas Support

The help you need, when you need it.

When you purchase a Haas, you are not only buying a piece of machinery, you are gaining access to a global network of highly skilled Haas service engineers and local Haas Factory Outlets. You’ll also have 24/7 access to online technical documents, operator manuals, and video tutorials. From installation and training, to service and technical support, Haas has you covered, so you can push your machine to the limits when you need to.

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Explore Models

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