Pre-Owned/Demo Machines

Haas Pre-owned Machines are now available! Most pre-owned machines were used for training new machinists at schools and technical education centers.

Previously owned, and operated machines are sold as-is with no warranty.

Pre-Owned/Demo Machines
Demo Machines

Haas Demo Machines, (when available) are new machines that were exhibited in showrooms and trade shows. These machines had limited usage performing test cuts for the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of the Haas CNC machine.

* All Haas demo machines come with a one year warranty.

All taxes, freight, destination charges, rigging, setup and other shipping and handling costs are not included in this price. All prices are EXWORKS point of loading.

CNC Verticals

Serial #ModelOptionsSale PriceBuy Now
2053851 UMC-750 PDF $152,401.50 Contact Us
1088397DT-1PDF$63,307.00Contact Us
1105906 SR-100 PDF $60,021.69 Contact Us
1102797TM-1PPDFSOLDContact Us
1102268VF-1PDF$65,502.00Contact Us
1102290VF-2SSPDFSOLDContact Us
1091914VF-2YTPDF$71,704.00Contact Us
1102512VF-4PDFSOLDContact Us
1102513VF-5/40PDFSOLDContact Us
1102281VM-2PDFSOLDContact Us
1106757VM-3PDF$96,009.41Contact Us

CNC Horizontals

Serial #ModelOptionsSale PriceBuy Now
2054305 EC-300 PDF $129,250.15 Contact Us
2054302 EC-300 PDF$129,250.15Contact Us
2054298 EC-300PDF$129,250.15Contact Us
2054300 ES-5-4AXPDF $121,466.91Contact Us
2054303ES-5-4AXPDF$121,466.91Contact Us

CNC Lathes

Lathes / Turning Centers
Serial #ModelOptionsSale PriceBuy Now
3090386DS-30SSPDF$114,052.00Contact Us
3094261DS-30YPDF$131,677.00Contact Us
3097074ST-10PDFSOLDContact Us
3093221 ST-10PDF $48,646.78Contact Us
3091588ST-20YPDF$95,358.00Contact Us
Bar Feeders
Serial #ModelMore Info.Sale PriceBuy Now
93350BAR1006STPDF$11,335.95Contact Us
93873BAR1006STPDFSOLDContact Us

Rotaries & Indexers

Serial #ModelBuiltSale PriceBuy Now
701202HA5C3Aug-2012$17,855.25Contact Us
Rotary Tables
Serial #ModelBuiltSale PriceBuy Now
167201HRT160SSJul-2012$8,995.50Contact Us
5-Axis Rotary Tables
Serial #ModelBuiltSale PriceBuy Now
904796T5C2Aug-2012SOLDContact Us
906009TR160-2Mar-2014$36,715.50Contact Us