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Bed Type 3-Axis
CNC Horizontals: Bed Type 3-Axis

64 - 84 Inch

Best-Selling EC-1600 HMC Upgrade Boost

The highly popular Haas EC-1600 Series HMCs are rugged 50-taper horizontal machining centers with large work cubes, and a maximum part capacity of 10,000 lb. The EC-1600ZT adds 8" of Z-axis travel to accommodate larger parts and longer tools. Both models are available with an integrated 4th-axis rotary platter.

Shop-proven and affordable, the EC-1600 HMCs have a dedicated following, and are prized by shops handling larger work. They've also undergone a complete overhaul in the past half-year, and are now faster and more reliable machines, with the same work envelopes.

The new EC-1600s now have a standard 30 hp, 7500-rpm spindle – with a 10,000-rpm option – and rapids have increased by 11% to 600 ipm. The tool changer was totally redesigned, and is now 20% faster and a lot more robust. The X/Z base casting now has a more solid integrated design, and – following the lead of the other Haas machines – all air and lubrication systems have been consolidated into one module. The EC-1600s also have a host of new standard features for easier operation and higher productivity.

Using Finite Element Analysis, Haas engineers optimized the EC-1600 design to get the structure just right. The result is a leaner machine that's more rigid, and cuts far better than its predecessor.

Key Features

  • Single-piece base/saddle casting FEA optimized for strength and rigidity; makes the machine easier to level and more stable
  • Column FEA optimized for geometry and rigidity, and to simplify machine
  • Faster standard spindle – 7500 rpm, with an option for 10,000 rpm – with improved cooling for increased reliability and better thermal stability
  • Redesigned spindle/gearbox design is more compact for easier service
  • Redesigned tool changer with shorter change arm and servo drive for faster tool changes
  • Faster axis speeds – 600 ipm on all axes
  • Larger X-axis and Z-axis ballscrews; all axes are now 50 mm
  • Redesigned Z-axis waycover, double-wall thickness for increased durability
  • Five-nozzle flood coolant ring
  • Haas flood coolant ring
  • Bright LED work lights (4) for more light in the enclosure
  • Redesigned and simplified enclosure for better coolant containment, ease of service
  • Standard Enclosure Exhaust System to keep the enclosure free of coolant mist and smoke during operation
  • Operator convenience features: work table and shelf, toolholder rack, air gun holster, washdown gun at front of machine
  • Consolidated Air/Lube Manifold (CALM) locates all solenoids in one cabinet to simplify service
  • Hose and cable routing were simplified and are better protected, for easier service and increased reliability
  • High-impact safety glass windows
  • Minimal lube system using Haas Liquid Grease, eliminates tramp oil in the coolant
  • All-new way cover construction on all axes for more strength and reliability

Chip removal system:

  • Increased production
    • Available In-Tank Chip Conveyor
    • Dual chip auger system standard
    • New coolant drain pan allows the coolant to flow directly into the coolant tank
    • The coolant discharge system has multiple levels of chip filtration
      • Auger tray filter
      • Coolant tank filters
      • Auto Clean pump filter
      • Coolant canister filter



More operator convenience features include the toolholder tray, storage tray, work surface, hand-tool rack, and air gun holster.

The redesign also includes the addition of the washdown gun at the front of the machine, right where the operator needs it.

LED work lights runs cool, are brighter, last longer, and require no maintenance – much better than the previous model's work lights.

The new flood coolant ring offers easy-aim flexibility and higher-pressure spray.

Redesigned tool changer with shorter change arm and servo drive for faster tool changes

Redesigned Z-axis waycover, double-wall thickness for increased durability

Larger X-axis and Z-axis ballscrews; all axes are now 50 mm

Single-piece base/saddle casting FEA optimized for strength and rigidity; makes the machine easier to level and more stable

HMC Features

All Haas horizontal machining centers (HMCs) offer superior capabilities at affordable prices. With renowned ruggedness and reliability, you'll find Haas HMCs are the perfect job shop machines for those looking to make more money in less time than ever before. And the legendary Haas control makes every Haas HMC easy to operate. Built with the operator and programmer in mind, it's packed with intuitive features you won't find on any other CNC machining center.

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Below are just a few of the features that make Haas the high-productivity, high-value leader.

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Solid Foundation

Rugged and Strong

Every rugged, dependable Haas machine starts with a strong foundation. No matter what the project – a family house, a skyscraper, or a suspension bridge – the soundness of the structure is determined by the sturdiness of the foundation.

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Advanced Spindle

Accurate and Dependable

Haas engineers its spindles for accuracy, long life, dependability, and high productivity. The advanced design of our spindles provides high axial-thrust capability, yet generates minimal heat.

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Tool Management

Reliable Tool Management

Whether it's a big job or a small run, Haas offers smart-design automatic tool changers with the capacity and quick, smooth tool-changing action to minimize your cycle times and fit your budget.

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Robust Pallet System

Durable and Precise

Haas HMC pallet-changing systems are designed for durability and precision, delivering fast changes and high reliability for excellent production.

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