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Constant Evolution = Higher Productivity

Resting on our past success is not in our DNA. With more than 175,000 machines sold to date, you'd think we would take a break – but that's simply not the way we do anything. Since introducing the Haas VF-1 in 1988, we've developed, refined, overhauled, beaten the odds, changed the industry, and proven all of the "they'll never last" critics wrong.

At Haas Automation, it's all about making our CNC machines faster, more reliable, easier to operate, and above all, staying true to our original focus – that what people really want is true value for their investment.

Constant machine design evolution provides special features that increase cutting speeds and decrease downtime, and Haas online offers information and experience to bring it all together.

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Enclosure Exhaust System

Everyone has experienced the delay caused by waiting for coolant mist to clear out of a machine when you open the doors. Nobody wants to breathe that stuff, so the operators wait for the mist cloud to clear, or blow the cloud away using the air gun. What a waste of time! Sure, there are aftermarket systems out there to clear out that mist, but they are expensive, not easily integrated into the machine, and some don't have a filter, let alone one that can be easily cleaned.

Solution: The Haas Enclosure Exhaust System is a low-cost solution that immediately improves productivity by reducing the total machining cycle time. How it works is simple. A powerful, low-vibration fan pulls the coolant mist generated by the cutter out of the enclosure. The coolant-laden mist passes through two reusable wovenmetal filter panels, where the coolant coalesces and is allowed to return to the enclosure, while cleaned air is expelled out the top of the unit. The system integrates with the Haas control, turning on automatically when the spindle starts and off after the spindle stops. An onscreen icon alerts the operator when the filters require cleaning.

Result: Operators experience greatly reduced coolant mist when they open the machine door, and are therefore less likely to pause before leaning into the machine to remove the finished part. The system not only improves overall shop air quality, but also reduces health issues associated with inhalation of coolant mist. Even greater health gains may be realized by venting the Enclosure Exhaust System outside of the shop using standard 10" ducting.

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Reduce Setup Time Using the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with the Haas control
  • Easy-to-understand tool and work setting cycles
  • Can be used for in-process inspection, tool breakage detection, and tool wear protection


  • Drastically reduces setup time
  • No knowledge of G-code or macro programming is needed
  • Can reduce scrap by monitoring tool wear and tool breakage

Return On Investment (ROI) Example:

WIPS saves an hour per day on setup
Shop rate: $60 per hour
5 hours per week saved x $60 shop rate = $300 savings per week
Payback time: 4.5 months

Oil Skimmer Reduces Maintenance Time

The Haas Oil Skimmer option removes unwanted surface oil from the coolant tank. The Haas Oil Skimmer is an excellent integrated solution for keeping the coolant tank free of unwanted oils.

Key Features

  • Simple, reliable, tube concept
  • Continuously removes oil from the surface of the coolant
  • Plugs directly into the side apron of the machine


  • Removes unwanted oil from the coolant tank
  • Extends coolant life by minimizing the growth of bacteria
  • Eliminates manual skimming, increasing operator productivity

Return On Investment (ROI) Example:

Save 4 hours per month on coolant tank maintenance
Cleaning unwanted oils twice per week: 0.5 hours
Cleaning the entire coolant tank once per month: 0.75 hours
Total time saved maintaining coolant cleanliness monthly: 2.75 hours

Shop rate: $60 per hour
Time saved x Shop rate = $165 savings per month
Oil Skimmer: $795.00
Pay back time: 5 months

More about Oil Skimmers   

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