Find Out What's New and Improved on the Haas Mini Mills

The newly redesigned Haas Mini Mills have improved upon the industry's most popular small footprint VMC. With a focus on improving ease-of-use and enhancing the productivity of the operator, the Mini Mills have received a re-engineered full enclosure, a vastly improved coolant tank, and a better coolant and chip management system. Popular Haas options – such as a faster spindle, enclosure exhaust, and oil skimmer – are now available. For improved visibility and safety, the Mini Mills now feature LED work lights, and high-impact safety glass in the operator door.

Key Features

  • Fully enclosed
  • LED work light
  • Three-nozzle flood coolant ring
  • Consolidated Air/Lube Mainfold (CALM) update
  • Wash gun on front of machine
  • High-impact safety glass window
  • Inline coolant filter
  • Redesigned coolant tank
    • High-capacity 40 gal (151 L) vs. 24 gal (90 L)
  • Accomodates the Haas Oil Skimmer
  • Larger cleanout access
  • Improved chip-flow system
  • Coolant pump



The new Mini Mills now feature a fully enclosed sheet metal top, eliminating the need for the clear plastic top cover that was an option on the previous model.

The redesign also includes the addition of an air blowgun and washdown nozzle at the front of the machine, right where the operator needs them.

More operator convenience features include the toolholder tray (upper), storage tray, work surface, hand-tool rack, and toolholder vice (lower).

All Mini Mill models now employ the consolidated air/lube manifold found on every Haas CNC machine. A simple, clean, and highly organized way to keep things under control.

The new LED work light runs cool, is brighter, lasts longer, and requires no maintenance ‐ much better than the previous model's worklight.

The new flood coolant ring moves the nozzles out of the way, while offering easy-aim flexibility and higher-pressure spray.

The addition of an optional oil skimmer will keep your coolant free of surface oils, with no fuss or muss for the operator.

During the redesign, engineers studied ways to make the machines better from all sides. Here, the chip clean-out area was enlarged, making chip removal much easier.

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