Standard Rates and Hours
Monday - Friday | 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
$160/hour (1-hour minimum)
Standard Travel Zone Charge varies by zone

Non-Standard Labor Rate
Saturday, Sunday, and all hours outside Standard Work Hours
$240/hour Saturdays | $320/hour Sundays/Holidays
Non-Standard Travel Zone Charge varies by zone

*Payment terms for all HFO service items are net 25 days from order or schedule placement.


Have you ever been on the phone with an HFO tech support engineer and wished that you could show the person helping you exactly what you were seeing?  Now you can.  HFO has partnered with Help Lightning, an augmented reality solution, that lets our tech support be there “virtually” to help with your need.  Check out the video, and if you find yourself wanting to show the HFO tech what you are trying to explain, ask your tech support engineer to launch a Help Lighting session.
There is nothing to download, and it only takes a moment to receive a link to start an augmented reality session.


Pre- and Post-Sale Support

The Haas Factory Outlet's Applications Engineering Department is designed to provide both pre-sale and post-sale support to our customers. Pre-sale consists of machine recommendations, time studies, and demonstrations. Post-sale support consists of programmer training, operator training, and supportive programming, runoff, and turnkey projects. Contact HFO Milwaukee to obtain pricing on post-sale items.

For most application requests, please use the form below to contact HFO Milwaukee application engineering.