Large in Features, Mini in Size

Our Mini Mill Series machines are fully capable vertical mills with many of the same components and options from our VF Series – but with smaller footprints.


All Mini Mill Series spindles are designed and built by Haas at our Southern California manufacturing facility. The 40-taper spindle shafts used in the Mini Mill Series are the same as those used in our VF Series. Spindle speeds range from 6000 rpm in the basic Mini Mill to the optional 15,000-rpm spindle in the Super Mini Mills.

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Machines aren’t making money unless they’re making chips. Set up your Mini Mill Series machine even faster with the addition of a Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS). Fully integrated with the Haas Control, WIPS will simplify everything from initial part setup to advanced probing routines.

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Multi-Axis Machining

Increase your productivity and efficiency quickly, by adding an affordable Haas indexer, rotary table, or tilting rotary to your Haas Mini Mill. It’s as simple as dropping it onto your mill table, plugging it in, and following the simple on-screen instructions to enable 4th- or 5th-axis capability. Reduce operator handling, increase part accuracy and repeatability, and make your shop more efficient.

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The Haas Control

Designed and built exclusively by Haas since 1988, it is the industry standard for simplicity and ease of use. Commonality between all Haas machines allows for shop standardization. Today’s Haas Control includes features like 1GB of program memory, Ethernet connectivity, media display functionality, and HaasConnect remote machine monitoring.

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Tool Changers

Every Mini Mill Series tool changer is designed and manufactured in-house by teams of specialists at Haas in California. This ensures they’re built to the highest possible standards. Standard Mini Mills come with a 10-station tool changer, while the larger Mini Mill 2 models come with a 20-station version.

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Chip & Coolant Management

Mini Mill Series machines are available with a complete line of chip and coolant management solutions. Mini Mills benefit from the modular design of all Haas machines, and use many of the same systems and components found on our VF and VM Series machines. From basic flood coolant to through-spindle coolant to enclosure exhaust systems, Haas has solutions to fit your particular needs.

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