5-Axis Profiling CNC Vertical Mill with 30" x 20" x 20" travels
  • 40 Taper
  • 5 Axis
  • 8.1k RPM
  • 40+1 Tool Capacity

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5-axis machining is an effective means to reduce setups and increase accuracy for multi-sided and complex parts. The Haas UMC Series universal machining centers are cost-effective solutions for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining. The UMC-750P has a unique arrangement of the rotary axes. The rotating platter has been replaced with a fixed table on which is mounted an HRT210 rotary table with an A-frame support. The B-axis trunnion provides ±45° of tilt, and the HRT210 provides 360 degrees of A-axis rotation for excellent tool clearance and large part capacity.

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Powerful inline direct-drive spindle
  • Large capacity side-mount tool changer
  • Includes Wireless Intuitive Probing System
  • Made in the USA

Standard Features


  • 8100-rpm Spindle

Tool Changers

  • 40+1 Side-Mount


  • Wireless Intuitive Probing System
  • Rotary-Axis Calibration Tool

The Haas Control

  • Media Display M-Code; M130
  • HaasConnect: Remote monitoring
  • Early Power-Failure Detection Module
  • Ethernet Interface
  • WiFi Connection for the Haas Control
  • Remote Jog Handle with Color LCD
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control
  • High-Speed Machining
  • Standard Program Memory, 1 GB
  • Second Home Position
  • Internal High-Voltage Isolated Transformer

Product Options

  • Top Cover with Mist Extraction Provision


  • 1-Year Standard Warranty


The Haas UMC-750P was engineered to meet the needs of shops performing 5-axis cylinder head porting and other similar automotive work. And while the 750P excels at this type of work, this multi-talented machine is capable of so much more! With its unique configuration of rotary axes, the UMC-750P can easily handle a multitude of different 3-, 4-, and 5-axis parts.

Run a Multi-Part Fixture on the UMC-750P

Take advantage of the HRT210 rotary on your UMC-750P to boost your production, by adding a Haas Tooling Block. In this example, we make use of a 28-part fixture – shaving of 23.5% off each part’s cycle time!

Travels S.A.E METRIC
X Axis 30.0 in 762 mm
Y Axis 20.0 in 508 mm
Z Axis 20.0 in 508 mm
A Axis - Rotation 360 ° 360 °
B Axis - Tilt ± 45 ° ± 45 °
Spindle Nose to Table (~ max) 25.0 in 635 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~ min) 5.0 in 127 mm
Spindle S.A.E METRIC
Max Rating 30.0 hp 22.4 kW
Max Speed 8100 rpm 8100 rpm
Max Torque 90 ft-lbf @ 2000 rpm 122 Nm @ 2000 rpm
Drive System Inline Direct-Drive Inline Direct-Drive
Taper CT or BT 40 CT or BT 40
Bearing Lubrication Air / Oil Injection Air / Oil Injection
Cooling Air Cooled Air Cooled
Travel 360 ° 360 °
Max Speed 100 °/sec 100 °/sec
Max Torque 210 ft-lbf 285 Nm
Brake Torque 200 ft-lbf 271 Nm
Max Cutting A 100 °/sec 100 °/sec
Max Part Swing 11.9 in 302 mm
B Axis – Tilt S.A.E METRIC
Travel 45 ° to 45- ° 45 ° to 45- °
Max Speed 50 °/sec 50 °/sec
Max Torque 400 ft-lbf 542 Nm
Brake Torque 1800 ft-lbf 2440 Nm
Length 40.0 in 1016 mm
Width 15.0 in 381 mm
T-Slot Width 0.630 in 16 mm
Number of Std T-Slots 1 1
Max Weight on Table (evenly distributed) 660 lb 300 kg
Feedrates S.A.E METRIC
Max Cutting 650 ipm 16.5 m/min
Rapids on X 1200 ipm 30.5 m/min
Rapids on Y 1200 ipm 30.5 m/min
Rapids on Z 1200 ipm 30.5 m/min
Axis Motors S.A.E METRIC
Max Thrust X 2750 lbf 12233 N
Max Thrust Y 2750 lbf 12233 N
Max Thrust Z 3400 lbf 15124 N
Tool Changer S.A.E METRIC
Capacity 40+1 40+1
Max Tool Diameter (full) 3.0 in 76 mm
Max Tool Diameter (adjacent empty) 5.0 in 127 mm
Max Tool Length (from gage line) 12 in 305 mm
Max Tool Weight 12 lb 5.4 kg
Tool-to-Tool (avg) 2.8 s 2.8 s
Chip-to-Chip (avg) 3.6 s 3.6 s
General S.A.E METRIC
Coolant Capacity 75 gal 284 L
Air Requirements S.A.E METRIC
Air Required 4 scfm @ 100 psi 113 L/min @ 6.9 bar
Dimensions - Shipping S.A.E METRIC
Domestic Pallet 160 in x 96 in x 110 in 407 cm x 244 cm x 280 cm
Export Pallet 157 in x 92 in x 101 in 399 cm x 234 cm x 257 cm
Weight 19100 lb 8664.0 kg
Electrical Specification S.A.E METRIC
Spindle Speed 8100 rpm 8100 rpm
Drive System Inline Direct-Drive Inline Direct-Drive
Spindle Power 30.0 hp 22.4 kW
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) - Low 220 VAC 220 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) - Low 70 A 70 A
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) - High 440 VAC 440 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) - High 35 A 35 A

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See the UMC Series in Action

Precision Machining on UMC-750
The UMC-750 is an affordable solution for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis work, on a platform that is intuitive and easy to use.
Simplify 3+2 and 5-Axis Machining
Using DWO/TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets / Tool Center Point Control), you can create your CAM program ahead of time, and then place the workholding and part anywhere on the table, with no need to repost your program!
Single Setup Machining
Typically, this part would require multiple setups and operator handling, but the UMC-750 will produce the finished part in a single setup, with increased accuracy.
5-axis for any shop
In the first video in our “Don’t Fear 5-Axis” series, John Nelson explains why 5-axis machining is much simpler than it has ever been, and why any shop can be a 5-axis shop.

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