8-Station Pallet Pool, UMC

High-volume production, unattended operation
  • 8+1 Stations
  • 15.75" x 11.75" Pallet Size

Our 8-station pallet pool for the UMC-1000/SS is perfect for high-volume production runs, or high-mix/low-volume machining. The pallets can be scheduled individually according to priority and sequencing requirements, allowing high-priority parts to be machined first or staged more often. Completed pallets are returned automatically to the holding location, or can be sequenced to a protected operator station for immediate unloading and re-loading. NOTE: The pallet pool must be ordered with the machine.    

  • Fully integrated solution for lights-out production
  • 8+1 pallets (8 storage locations + 1 machining station)
  • Includes 50+1 Side-Mount Tool Changer
  • 200 lb max payload per pallet (workpiece + workholding)
  • 12" dia. x 21" tall work envelope
  • Easy-to-use scheduling interface in the Haas control
  • Dedicated load/unload station
  • Must be ordered with the machine

UMC Pallet Pool Overview

The Pallet Pool option available on Haas UMC-Series Universal Machining Centers is designed for high-volume production and unattended operation. This manufacturing solution also excels at high-mix/low-volume part runs, because the user can assign a specific part program for each pallet. Each time that pallet is moved into the machining area, the control will automatically call the assigned part program.

UMC Pallet Pool Specifications

Number of Stations 8 + 1 8 + 1
Number of Pallets
Pallet Length
15.75 in 400 mm
Pallet Width
11.75 in
298 mm
Maximun Pallet Load
200 lb
90.7 kg
Maximum Part Diameter (Workholding + Workpiece) 12.0 in
305 mm
Maximum Part Height (Workholding + Workpiece) 21.0 in 533 mm

UMC Pallet Schedule Table

Pallet Schedule Table Interface

The simplified Pallet Schedule Table (PST) controls pallet scheduling functions from a dedicated screen. Pallets can be scheduled individually according to priority and sequencing requirements.

  • Each Pallet is identified with a number (1 through 9), and each storage location within the Pallet Pool and machine is identified with a letter (A through I). The storage locations do not change, but the pallet ID numbers move, so you can quickly see where any pallet is at any time. Translucent numbers indicate a pallet’s destination, while the pallet pool is in motion.
  • The LOAD ORDER column indicates the scheduled priority of each pallet. Schedule pallets by pressing the Pallet Schedule button at the load station on the pallet pool, by pressing the F2 key while the desired pallet is highlighted on the PST, or by simply entering a number in the LOAD ORDER column for that pallet.
  • Highlight the PROGRAM NAME column for a pallet, and press ENTER to navigate the programs list and select which program to run each time that pallet is loaded into the machine.
  • One-Touch function keys from the PST simplify common tasks when operating the machine.
    • Press ALTER to load the highlighted pallet into the machine and activate its designated program.
    • Press INSERT to run the active program. This button starts the cycle in “Pallet Mode.” Pallet Mode will interpret an M199 code as: “load the next-scheduled pallet, and run its assigned program” (see below).
    • Press F2 to schedule the highlighted pallet.
    • Press F3 to send the pallet on the Load Station (Shelf A) to an empty station in the pallet pool.
    • Press F4 to bring the highlighted pallet to the Load Station (Shelf A).

We developed a new M-code for use with Automatic Pallet Changers. M199 is typically used at the end of a program. When the program is started by pressing [CYCLE START] in Memory mode, the M199 acts exactly like an M30 (Program End and Reset). But if the program is started by pressing [INSERT] while the Pallet Schedule Table is displayed (PALLET MODE), the M199 will command a pallet change to load the next scheduled pallet, and then run the program associated with that pallet. This allows the user to start machining on any pallet, even a mid-program start, and continue uninterrupted machining as long as pallets are scheduled.

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