How it all Started . . .

Gene Haas founded Haas Automation, Inc., in 1983 to manufacture the industry’s first fully automatic programmable collet indexer – a device used to position parts for machining with very high accuracy. Designed to increase production in Gene’s own machine shop, the patented Haas 5C collet indexer was a huge success, and over the next four years, the company expanded its product line to include a wide selection of fully programmable rotary tables, rotary indexers, and machine tool accessories.

In 1988, Haas Automation achieved another industry milestone, by introducing the first American-built vertical machining center (VMC) to sell for less than $50,000 – a price unheard of at the time. The Haas VF-1 sold for a published price of $49,900, and quickly became the industry benchmark for affordable CNC technology.

A Simple Vision

When Gene Haas set out to build his first vertical machining center, he did it the only way he knew how – the right way.

The first VF-1 prototypes were introduced in 1988 at the International Machine Tool Show (IMTS 88) in Chicago, Illinois. The “V” in the model name stands for vertical – an industry-standard designation for a vertical mill – and company founder Gene Haas added “F1” to unofficially designate it as the company’s “Very First One.” That first machine was the foundation of Haas Automation’s industry-leading VF Series vertical machining centers.

One Giant Leap for CNC

When the VF-1 was introduced, industry experts and members of the trade press were skeptical that an American-made machining center could be sold for less than $50,000. Haas not only delivered on the price, but also delivered the product, something many other manufacturers often were unable to do. Today, the Haas VF-1 still sells for less than $50,000, and Haas Automation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC machine tools, with an impressive line-up of more than 100 different products. Prices for all machines and options are published online for all to see – something no other machine tool builder can claim.

America’s Machine Tool Builder

Today, Haas manufactures four major product lines: vertical machining centers (VMCs), horizontal machining centers (HMCs), CNC lathes, and rotary tables, as well as a number of large five-axis and specialty machines. All Haas products are manufactured at the company’s expansive facility in Oxnard, California – the largest, most modern machine tool manufacturing operation in the United States.

Haas Makes Great Things Possible

Our customers rely on Haas machines to deliver results. Discover the Haas difference.

Hi-Tech Engineering

Hi-Tech Engineering is a full-service, woman-owned machine shop specializing in the manufacture of precision parts and complex sub-assemblies for more than 30 years. Their experienced staff can rapidly take a project from concept or prototype to finished assembly, giving clients a competitive market advantage. Hi-Tech Engineering built its reputation by consistently delivering quality products on time, to budget, and to specification.

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