INDUSTRY [ 4.0 ]

At its core, it’s a fancy way of saying, “Make my life easier.”

Every industrial revolution is about increasing productivity. The First Industrial Revolution created greater productivity through new technologies – including the development of machine tools – making life easier in a mechanized world. 

Industry 4.0 aims to create higher productivity and greater efficiency by connecting existing and new technologies with intelligent platforms – making life easier in a digital world.

What Industry 4.0 means to Haas

All new Haas machines have the ability to send data from the machine’s CNC to a centralized data system, allowing them to integrate smoothly with new or existing Industry 4.0 environments.

How Haas fulfills the promise of Industry 4.0


MyHaas lets you quickly set up and manage your fleet of machines, monitor the status of your machines, save and view machine quotes, and order parts – all online. MyHaas also provides detailed machine information, including serial numbers, build dates, warranty start/end, product details, and machine option details.


HaasConnect mobile monitoring is standard on every Haas machine, and provides instant alerts for machine status, alarms, and overrides via email and IOS/Android push notifications. Get notified of program start, program stop, overrides, and alarms. HaasConnect also provides real-time machine monitoring via the MyHaas portal.   


Connecting your machines to the Internet is the first step to Industry 4.0 compliance. All Haas machines include built-in Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, providing a fast and reliable connection for file sharing and data exchange, and both wired and wireless networks are quickly set up through an easy-to-use interface in the Haas control.    

Haas Control

The Haas control is the industry’s most user-friendly CNC, with built-in features that make programming and operation fast and easy. The latest generation Haas control is faster, smarter, and better than ever, with the goal of keeping your spindle turning, and making your job easier.

Media Display M-Code; M130

The Haas M130 Media Display M-Code is a powerful tool for communicating with machine operators and programmers directly from the Haas control as an NC program runs. Use M130 to call up setup instructions, tool lists, part images, manufacturing information, and more.    

WiFi Camera

Our WiFi Camera mounts inside the machine enclosure, allowing you to monitor your machining processes remotely from your mobile device via WiFi. Install the WiFi Camera on ANY Haas machine in seconds, and monitor your machine, operator, or the status of a long running program – live.    

Wireless Intuitive Probing System

The Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) lets you quickly and easily define work offsets, set tool offsets, and perform in-process inspection for part dimensions and tool breakage. WIPS automates your setup process, and simplifies data collection for process control.

64 GB Expanded Memory

This on-board solid-state memory allows you to store large programs and media files right at the machine, eliminating the need for an external storage device. Store your own videos and pictures on the control to create your own connection between your program and your operator.

Remote Jog Handle with Touchscreen Display

Our Remote Jog Handle with touchscreen display lets you to get up-close to the machine’s work area for part setup, changeover, and inspection, while still maintaining control of the machine. 

Industry 4.0 Videos

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The Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System

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