Save up to 12.5% on every machine!


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Save Up to 12.5% on All Machines

To celebrate HAASTEC 2017, we’re offering savings of 7.5% to 12.5% on every machine we make. Add a rotary table or bar feeder to your order, and you’ll lock in 12.5% savings on all machines. Savings are off the base prices of the machine, rotary, and bar feeder only. Additional savings may be available through your local HFO.


From Toolroom to Oilfield


A Turning Center for Every Shop

Haas Automation’s complete line of CNC turning centers is designed to meet the needs of modern machine shops – now and long into the future.

All the Features and Performance You’ve Come to Expect From a Haas

Haas turning centers offer a wide range of capabilities, including toolroom lathes, big-bore versions, dual-spindle models, live tooling with C-axis, and Y-axis capability.

“Expanding capabilities is always an issue here at KutRite. It’s all about value. We were outsourcing heavily – 30 percent – at high cost; but once we started buying our own Haas machines, we were able to bring that work back into our facility.”

KutRite Manufacturing
Ralph O. Neri | President | KutRite Manufacturing

A Versatile Lineup of CNC Lathes