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The Ideal Choice for Holding Smaller Parts

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Higher Productivity Through Automation

Haas HA5C Series rotary indexers are the ideal choice for holding smaller parts. They are easy to program, interface, and set up; and our precision in-house manufacturing and machining processes ensure high quality and years of dependable operation. With more than three decades of refinement, Haas rotary indexers are the industry benchmark for quality, accuracy, and dependability.


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Simple Engraving on Your Rotary or Indexer
Haas makes engraving text on your parts easy, using just a few lines of code. Mark shows just how easy it is in this Tip of the Day.
Cylindrical Engraving on Your Rotary or Indexer
Easily hand-program 4th-axis engraving on your Haas mill – without a CAM system. With G107, engraving on a cylindrical part couldn’t be easier.
Quickly Unwind Your Rotary Back to Zero
In this video, we solve an issue every Haas Rotary user faces at some point: How do I get my rotary back to zero quickly?
Command a Safe Tool Change and Avoid Your Rotary
In this episode, we show you how to easily command a safe tool change position to avoid crashing a tool into your fixture or rotary.

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Words can only tell you so much. Check out this gallery of photos to see your Haas from every angle.