Haas Drill-Tap-Mill Series


Drill/ Tap/ Mill Series

High-Speed, Lean-Style Machining Centers

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Take a Bite Out of Cycle Times

Built on proven Haas designs and technology, the Drill/Tap/Mill Series provides the perfect combination of speed and power to reduce cycle times.

Haas Drill-Tap-Mill Series

Small, Fast, and Powerful

Drill/Tap/Mill Series machines are high-speed, lean-style machining centers with compact footprints that make very efficient use of valuable shop floor space.

  • 30/40 Taper
  • 3/4/5 Axis
  • 10k-20k RPM
  • 18-20 Tool Capacity
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Haas-Built, High-Speed Spindles For Every Job


  • Standard spindle
  • Inline direct-drive
  • Great overall performance & value
  • Good performance for 3D profiling


  • High-performance option
  • Inline direct-drive
  • High accel/decel rates 
  • 5000-rpm rigid tapping
  • 20% faster speeds and feeds
  • Better performance for 3D profiling


  • High-performance option
  • Inline direct-drive
  • High accel/decel rates 
  • 5000-rpm rigid tapping
  • 50% faster speeds and feeds
  • Best performance for 3D profiling


  • High-performance option (DT only)
  • Inline direct-drive
  • High accel/decel rates
  • 5000-rpm rigid tapping
  • 100% faster speeds and feeds
  • Ultimate performance for 3D profiling

Note: The optional high-performance spindles have a higher power requirement than the standard spindle. Contact your local HFO for information.


“My first Haas was a DT-1 Drill/Tap Center. Now that I’m a Haas user, I believe all shops, wherever they are in the world, should use Haas. For what you pay, they are the best production machines in the world!”

Hardus Coetzee | Owner | TMPC CO., LTD.

See the DT/DM Series in Action

VMC Comparison
Watch as we show three of the most popular Haas mills run the same part, and see which machine finishes first.
Introducing the DM-1
Our DM-1 Drill/Mill Center provides the same high speed and performance as our shop-proven DT-1 Drill/Tap Center, but with a larger 40-taper inline spindle and 18+1 tool changer.
Meet the TRT100 Rotary Table
If you make small parts and have multiple setups, this rotary is the perfect solution. Lightning fast and accurate, the TRT100 fits in nearly every Haas mill, and will help you cut cycle times and boost your shop’s efficiency.
The DM-2 and DT-2
Bob and Bryan talk about the DM-2 and DT-2 Drill/Tap/Mill Centers, and show a great cutting demo that highlights the machines’ features, like 2400 ipm rapids and ultra-fast tool changes.

See For Yourself

Words can only tell you so much. Check out this gallery of photos to see your Haas from every angle.

Haas DT/DM Features

Do Even More

From the industry’s most user-friendly control, to our innovative Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS), to our wide selection of productivity-enhancing options, we let you configure your machine so it works for you. After all, you know what you need better than anyone. Learn more about everything Haas has to offer.

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Build Your Drill/Tap/Mill Machine

Ready to create your new Haas vertical mill?  

Let’s find the right machine for your shop, and make it your own by adding the options and features that work for you.