Haas Automation

Leaders in Multi-Axis Machining Since 1983

Haas Automation has provided multi-axis machining solutions to shops around the world since 1983. In fact, you could say that multi-axis machining is the foundation upon which Haas is built. Our very first product, the HA5C collet indexer, was – and still is – a simple and affordable way to add 4th-axis capability to nearly any 3-axis mill. In 1987, we added 2-axis rotary tables to our product line, giving our customers easy access to 5-axis capability.

Today, Haas Automation is the market leader in multi-axis machining solutions, with an extensive lineup of simple, affordable, easy-to-use 5-axis machining centers, as well as high-value, high-performance, done-in-one Y-axis lathes.