Tooling & Fixturing

Haas-Designed Tooling and Fixtures

Outfit Your Haas Machine Correctly

Know that you’re getting the correct tooling and fixtures for your Haas, with our in-house designs.

Mill Tooling

Need pull studs? No worries. Whether you need 40-taper, 50-taper, with or without TSC – we have you covered. And our simple and effective mobile tool carts – another great idea from the Haas machine shop – will organize your tools and help keep your shop clear.


Rotary Fixturing Choices

We offer many different styles and sizes of fixtures for your Haas rotary tables. In this video, the Haas Answer Man walks you through our most popular offerings.

Lathe Toolholders and Spindle Liners

Designed by Haas for Haas machines – we have the sizes and styles you need to get the job done.


Need Tooling or Fixturing for Your Existing Haas?

Visit our online parts catalog to discover everything Haas has to offer, as well as find replacement and service parts specific to your Haas.