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Proper Indicator Setup, Eliminate Indicator Droop!
Applications Engineer Paul Bailey gives us a quick tutorial on what indicator droop is and how to make sure it isn't affecting your measurements on Lathes and Horizontal Mills.
Setting Two Vises Up for a Long Part
Applications Engineer Paul Bailey gives us a quick run-through on how to set two vises parallel to each other to cut a long piece of material.
Coolant The Movie
Over the course of the video we talk about: Coolant Types, Coolant Concentration, Topping Up Your Tank, Carry-out and Evaporation, Cleaning a Dirty Tank, and Mixing a New Batch.
Haas ST-10Y and Parts Catcher Demo
Check out Haas' ST-10Y compact turning center doing some Y-axis cutting, and using our productivity-boosting Parts Catcher option.


Discover the latest operator tips and tricks from Haas Automation’s Mark Terryberry. 


Stop the chatter, and keep your part finishes looking beautiful.


Get the most out of your tools, and optimize every application.

Watch some of the current and future Haas machines in action, making chips.

Get quick answers to your Haas machine application questions.    

Get an overview of the tools and tricks that make coolant maintenance easier.

Learn how to fix and maintain your machine, keeping it running at optimal performance.

Haas helps customers dreams come true; watch some of their stories here.

Get an in-depth look at the Haas Formula One car, and the team behind it.

Have questions? The Answer Man has the answers. Check out quick solutions to common machining problems.

Learn how set up your vise and properly secure your parts.

Explore how your machines are built, right here in Oxnard, California.

Video Team

  • Mark Terryberry

    Did you know that Mark Terryberry and the Haas video team have produced more than 60 Tip-of-the-Day videos? Head on over to the Tip-of-the-Day video category to learn something new today!
  • Andrew Harnett

    Andrew Harnett is a Manufacturing Engineer who has been with Haas for 20 years. Thanks to his extensive involvement in all things Haas, from Engineering to the machine shop to assembly, Andrew is uniquely qualified to tackle the most in-depth topics you will come across in your shop.
  • Orville Collins

    Orville Collins has been with Haas Automation for more than 20 years, starting his career as a Service Tech, traveling all over the world to wherever he was needed. Orville has also been responsible for setting up major trade shows, like IMTS and EMO, and became head of Customer Service for Haas before moving to the video group. Now, Orville is sharing his years of knowledge with viewers, helping them to repair and maintain their Haas machines.
  • Bryan O’Fallon

    Engineer. Product Specialist. Head of the Haas Video Team. Haas Answer Man.

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