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Compact Mills

High-Accuracy Solution for Machining Small Parts

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Small-Footprint, High-Performance Mill for Production and Prototyping

A full-featured, compact CNC perfect for the watch, jewelry, medical, and dental industries.

Haas Compact Mills

Small but Mighty

The Compact Mill is a small-footprint, high-accuracy solution for prototyping and producing small, high-precision, 2D and 3D parts, such as those found in the communications, aerospace, medical, and dental industries. It’s small enough to fit into most freight elevators, and can easily be moved with a pallet jack or equipment dolly.

  • 20 Taper
  • 3/4/5 Axis
  • 30k-50k RPM
  • 20 Tool Capacity
View the CM-1

CM-1 & TRT70 Cutting

The CM-1 is our solution for prototyping and producing small, high-precision, 2D and 3D parts. Add in the TRT70 and you've got small-footprint, high-accuracy 5-axis productivity.

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The Haas Compact Mill
The Haas CM-1 is ideal for machining small parts, in particular, those found in medical and dental applications. With spindle speeds of 30,000 and 50,000 rpm, and available full 5-axis capability, this ultra-compact mill will boost your shop’s productivity.
Wireless Intuitive Probing System
With the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS), you can set tool and work offsets in a fraction of the time. No more edge finders or slips of paper under the tool needed.
Simplify 3+2 and 5-Axis Machining
Using DWO/TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets / Tool Center Point Control), you can create your CAM program ahead of time, and then place the workholding and part anywhere on the table, with no need to repost your program!
Display Pictures and Videos
With M130, you can display setup sheets, tool lists, work instructions, and even videos – all within your program. No more taping work instructions to the machine, or hand writing notes telling your operator how to load or inspect a part; put it all in your NC program!

HaasBuilt - CM-1

Get an inside peak at how we build the CM-1 in this episode of HaasBuilt.

See For Yourself

Words can only tell you so much. Check out this gallery of photos to see your Haas from every angle.

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From the industry’s most user-friendly control, to our innovative Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS), to our wide selection of productivity-enhancing options, we let you configure your machine so it works for you. After all, you know what you need better than anyone. Learn more about everything Haas has to offer.

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