We have over 70 Factory-certified service and applications engineers dedicated exclusively to servicing Haas equipment. Every service engineer is required to maintain their certification by participating in ongoing training via Haas custom online training courses on new systems, processes and troubleshooting techniques.

Phillips Vision, enhanced remote service connects our Haas service engineers with your on-site maintenance staff to diagnose and resolve many service issues via a mobile application. With Phillips Vision, HFO Phillips approaches your service needs in a 3 tier approach to ensure your service needs are best met by our Haas Service Engineers. Tier One – Basic Phone Support for parts and questions; Tier Two – Phillips Vision – Virtual Service for immediate expert support and Tier Three – Certified Service Engineer dispatched on site. 

Local service provided through HFO Phillips means no waiting for service technicians to fly out at your expense.
Better than 90% "First Call Completion" to get your machine up and running on the same day your service engineer arrives.


 This is accomplished with more than 55 locally dispatched and fully stocked service vans, local parts inventories and same- day parts exchange.
Localized attention to your specific needs: Millions of dollars in local parts inventory (including fully-stocked service vehicles), coupled with Haas part-exchange policy, which means same-day replacement on most parts.

In those rare instances when a part is not locally available, Haas provides better than 99% same-day factory shipping of service parts orders.


CHAMP Certified Haas Annual Maintenance Program: You have the oil in your car changed on a regular basis, right? While you're at it, you might as well rotate the tires and have the brakes, belts, and hoses checked for signs of wear. Good idea, right?

The same thing goes for your Haas machine tool. You can dramatically extend the life of your Haas machine by detecting problems before costly damage occurs. Have a factory-certified Haas Service Technician keep your machines in top working order so that you can do what you do best – make money!