Specifically Designed for Maximum Speed and Minimal Space

From spindles and tool changers, to chip removal and technology, the Drill/Tap/Mill Series machines are ready for anything you want to throw at them.


High-speed spindles are the standard for the Drill/Tap/Mill Series machines. These spindles use an inline drive system that keeps accel/decel times to a minimum, while also minimizing heat generation, compared to a belt-drive system. For applications demanding very high surface speeds, the DT models are available with an optional 20,000-rpm spindle. And like all Haas spindles, they are designed and built in-house at our California manufacturing facility.

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Tool Changers

Haas Drill/Tap/Mill Series machines share an innovative tool changer design that eliminates the need for multiple switches and signals, resulting in ultra-fast tool changes. An equally important benefit is the increase in reliability due to the reduction of parts and switches.

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Multi-Axis Machining

From the venerable HA5C indexer to the high-speed TRT100 tilting rotary, Haas has a 4th- or 5th-axis solution to fit your needs. Additional axes can be added to any Drill/Tap/Mill Series machine in the field, along with Haas rotary tables. Features built into the Haas Control, like G107 Cylindrical Engraving, only make the move to multi-axis machining that much easier.

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Machines aren’t making money unless they’re making chips. Set up your Drill/Tap/Mill Series machine even faster with the addition of a Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS). Fully integrated with the Haas Control, WIPS will simplify everything from initial part setup to advanced probing routines.

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Chip & Coolant Management

As machinists ourselves, we know that if you can’t keep chips out of the cutting area and remove them from the machine efficiently, you aren’t using the machine to its full potential. Different jobs require different approaches to chip clearing: flood coolant, through-spindle coolant, through-spindle air, minimum quantity lubrication, and more. Haas machines offer one of the widest selections of chip and coolant management options in the industry.

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The Haas Control

Designed and built exclusively by Haas since 1988, it is the industry standard for simplicity and ease of use. Commonality between all Haas machines allows for shop standardization. Today’s Haas Control includes powerful features like 1 GB of program memory, Ethernet connectivity, media display functionality, and HaasConnect remote machine monitoring.

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