UMC-1500-DUO First Look

5-AXIS . . . 3-AXIS . . . and the X-AXIS travel of nearly a VF-6! Planned for release in the 3rd quarter 2020, the UMC-1500-DUO brings together the 5-axis capabilities of the UMC-750 together with an additional VF table to handle 1st or 3rd Ops before and after the 5-axis work is done. Need to run 5-axis and 3-axis jobs back-to-back without tearing down either setup? This machine makes it possible. And because the 1500-DUO has 60 inches of X-axis travel to reach both of those tables, that also means you have all that travel at your disposal when you need to machine longer parts as well. And we made sure this was a practical option by keeping both tables at the same height.