5-Axis Universal Machining Centers

The industry-leading Haas Universal Machining Centers have changed the landscape of the machine tool industry by making 5-axis machining simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, Haas UMCs are the perfect job shop machines for reducing setups and increasing accuracy on multi-sided and complex parts.

5-Axis Trunnion Machining Centers

Haas TR Series machines are versatile 5-axis machining centers based on our popular VF-2, VF-5, and VF-6 VMC platforms. Each machine provides full simultaneous five-axis motion, or can position a workpiece to almost any angle for machining. For added flexibility the trunnion is mounted directly to the machine’s standard T-slot table, and can easily be removed when jobs require only 3-axis machining.

5-Axis Articulating Spindle Machining Centers

Haas VR Series VMCs are the perfect solutions when your 5-axis parts are too large to rotate using traditional rotary tables and trunnions. Each VR Series machine features a large T-slot table to easily support large workpieces and fixtures, and a powerful 2-axis gimbaled spindle head to access to nearly any angle on the part for complex shapes, undercuts, and 5-side machining.

5-Axis Gantry Mill

The GM-2-5AX is a cost-effective solution for simultaneous 5-axis machining and 3+2 machining of large parts, such as airframe components, layup molds, and composite structures. The flexibility of the 2-axis spindle head provides access to nearly any angle for complex machining.

Dynamic Work Offsets + Tool Center Point Control = Making 5-Axis Easier

Standard On All Haas 5-Axis Machining Centers


   Place the part in the exact same location every time

    Repost the program when the fixture changes

    Repost the program if the job moves to another Haas machine


✓   Save time on programming and setup

   Reduce fixturing costs

   Increase your number of multi-axis operators

   Increase your productivity and profits

Don’t Fear 5-Axis

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Get More Productive with Rotary Accessories
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