5-Axis Machining For Every Shop

Haas plug-and-play dual-axis rotary tables and indexers make 5-axis machining easier than ever.

Small VFs

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Medium VFs

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Large VFs

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Don’t Fear 5-Axis

Don’t Fear 5-Axis Ep. 1
In the first video of our “Don’t Fear 5-Axis” series, John Nelson explains why 5-axis machining is much simpler than it has ever been, and why any shop can be a 5-axis shop.
Don’t Fear 5-Axis Ep. 2
In the second video of our “Don’t Fear 5-Axis” series, John Nelson explains how choose your machine and rotary combination, and discusses which options you should consider adding to make the most of your machine and rotary.
In the third video of our “Don’t Fear 5-Axis” series, John Nelson talks about setting up your rotary table or trunnion, and explains how the Haas DWO/TCPC feature makes 4th- and 5th-axis work simpler than ever.
Get More Productive with Rotary Accessories
Reduce part handling and shorten your cycle times with our high-productivity rotary accessories. In this video, the Haas Answer Man walks you through our most popular offerings.

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