High-Speed 30+1 Side-Mount

Super-speed tool changer for Vertical Mills
  • 30+1 Tools
  • 40 Taper
  • Side-Mount Type

This Haas-designed and -built 30+1 side-mount tool changer holds 30 tools, plus one in the spindle, to increase productivity and reduce setup times. A high-speed double-arm gripper swaps tools quickly to minimize non-cutting time. Locating the tool changer outside of the work envelope frees up additional workspace, keeps tools and tool pockets free of contamination, and adds greater flexibility when using large fixtures or rotary tables. With adjacent pockets empty, the tool changer will accept oversize tooling, and there’s a built-in automatic recovery process, should a tool change be interrupted for any reason.

This tool changer features a servo-driven carousel that allows direct positioning to any tool in the carousel. No more indexing one pocket at a time. Faster positioning reduces cycle times during short machining operations, or when the carousel is not pre-staged for the next tool.

  • Direct-positioning carousel for super-fast tool staging
  • Fast tool changes shorten cycle times on every tool change
  • Pocket Tool Table in the control allows complete control over the tool changer
  • Identify tools as LARGE to leave adjacent pockets empty
  • Identify tools as HEAVY to slow tool changer motion

The Haas 30-Pocket Tool Changer

Given how important cycle-time reduction is these days, having more tools and getting to those tools faster is paramount. With its servo-driven carousel, this SMTC can rotate to its next tool quickly and smoothly, with no hesitations along the way.

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In this Tip of the Day, Mark shows you how to use your Haas side-mount tool changer as efficiently as possible. Mark explains how to load large and heavy tools, and designate them in the control to avoid a collision.
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Save Time by Pre-Staging Tools!
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