Last updated: 12/05/2018

Axis Servo Motor Cable - Brushless - Replacement

Applies to machines built from: January, 1996


This procedure tells you how to replace these brushless axis cables:

  • 2-Cable set: motor power and encoder
  • 3-Cable set: motor power, encoder, and brake

Cable Replacement


Put labels on the locations of the cables you will replace.

  • The encoder cable connection location is on the processor PCB [1]
  • The power cable connection location is on the amplifier [2]
  • If you have a brake cable, the connection location is on the I/O PCB [3]

Disconnect the cables from the control cabinet and the motor. Remove the axis cable from the machine.

Fill the amphenol connectors on the motors [4] with dielectric grease.

Install the new axis cable. Route the axis cable the same as the used cable.