Programmable Coolant Nozzle

No more manually adjusting coolant nozzles

Boost your productivity. Reduce cycle times. Eliminate all that opening and closing of the mill doors to adjust coolant lines. Our Programmable Coolant Nozzle is a multi-position nozzle that automatically directs coolant precisely at the cutting tool. The position of the nozzle is controlled via the program, and set specifically for each tool length – saving operator time by eliminating constant adjustments. The nozzle position may also be adjusted manually from the control pendant while a program is running

  • Better chip clearing and tool life 
  • Fully integrated with the Haas control 
  • Store nozzle positions in the tool offset table
  • Coolant nozzle positions can be adjusted on-the-fly 
  • Features 34 programmable positions 

Programmable Coolant Nozzle (P-COOL)


  • P-COOL eliminates the need for an operator to frequently pause a running program to adjust the coolant line for different length cutting tools
  • 34 programmable coolant positions for short or long tooling ensure coolant is properly delivered to all tools
  • P-COOL is fully programmable; initial positioning can be set when the tool length offset is commanded, and the nozzle can be re-adjusted from within the program with M-codes

Set P-COOL Position With Tool Offset

Program P-COOL to position when a tool offset is commanded (G43 Hxxx)

  • View the current P-COOL position on the tool offset table
  • Manually adjust the P-COOL position so the coolant hits the cutter where you want it to
  • Enter the current P-COOL position into the Coolant Position column of the Tool Offset Table for each tool offset
  • When the tool offset is commanded (G43 Hxxx), the nozzle will move to the position entered in the tool offset table

Manual Operation

Manually operate P-COOL

  • Use the [CLNT UP] and [CLNT DOWN] buttons to adjust the direction of the stream
  • Each position of the nozzle has a number assigned to it
  • View the current P-COOL position on the Coolant Display in MEMORY mode or MDI mode

Program Operation

Program P-COOL to move at any time during program operation

  • Each M34 command moves the P-COOL position one number higher, which moves the nozzle downward for longer tools
  • Each M35 command moves the P-COOL position one number lower, which moves the nozzle upward for shorter tools

P-COOL - Option Spotlight

The Haas Programmable Coolant Nozzle option is available on all Haas VMCs. Set the nozzle position for every tool in your program. Call a tool, and the nozzle adjusts to aim right where you programmed it. Result? No more adjusting coolant lines constantly, and you get coolant right where you need it.

Tricks You Didn’t Know About P-Cool – Haas Tip of the Day

P-Cool can do a lot more then you think! If you’ve ever set your coolant position to drill a deep hole or mill a pocket, only to have the coolant hit the side of the part and not the tool, there’s a trick for that. How about a macro that automatically positions your P-Cool for every tool in the carousel? Mark shows how to do that, too!

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