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The Haas Control

World-Famous CNC Control

CNC Machining is Complex. Your Control Shouldn’t Be.

The control is the brain of your machine. It does all of the thinking and calculations. Operating it should be intuitive and easy – regardless of the operation you’re performing.

Designed, Built & Programmed by Haas

The Haas control – hardware and software – is designed and built in-house, and optimized specifically for Haas machine tools. If there is a problem – Haas Automation takes full responsibility for the entire machine. The Haas control is easy to learn and use, and it is the same across the entire product line. Haas machines are also used extensively in educational institutions around the world, so graduating students are already familiar with the Haas control, which makes finding new operators and programmers easier, and simplifies training.

Stay in the loop. Simple. Easy. HaasConnect.

The Haas Next Generation Control has the ability to send you, and others you designate, Email and SMS text notifications about the operating status of your Haas machine. Setup is simple and easy through the MyHaas Portal at HaasConnect is free with every new Haas that has the Next Generation Control.

Control Features & Options

On-Board Memory

The NGC has 1 GB of standard program memory. This means you’ll have the ability to store many programs in the control, eliminating the need for an external device for program backup. Large programs for complex molds, for example, can now be run from memory, doing away with the connectivity issues often experienced when running from DNC or FNC.

WiFi Connection

The NGC has a vastly improved and simplified network setup interface. Wired connectivity via Ethernet comes standard, but for more convenience, you can add the optional WiFi capability. With the NGC, there are no limitations with any common operating system; connectivity is fast and reliable.

Wired Connection

With Ethernet as a standard feature, connecting the NGC to your computer or shop network is incredibly easy. Ethernet is a super-fast and reliable network connection that has replaced the RS-232 serial port. Using the Net Share feature in the Haas control, you can easily share, send, run, and edit programs from your desktop or Haas control in real time.


Enhanced Operation & Navigation Interface

Simple Navigation

Navigation is fast and simple, with consistent functionality of the cursor keys, and intuitive icons throughout the user experience.

Accessible Icons

The enhanced operator Help interface features easy-to-understand icons that provide quick access to information about any feature or option within the control.    

Rotary Setup

Set up and configure your rotary table with simple, on-screen dialogue and icons, and quickly designate rotary axes to correspond to the rotary table’s orientation.


The Haas Visual Programming System (VPS) lets you quickly create G-code programs for basic part features, using form-like templates to define the features. 


Haas Control Tips and Trick Videos

Display Pictures and Videos on Your Control
In this episode, Mark shows off the powerful new Haas M130 Media Display feature. By commanding an M130, you can display setup sheets, tool lists, work instructions, and even videos – all within your program. No more taping work instructions to the machine, or hand writing notes telling your operator how to load or inspect a part; put it all in your NC program!
Connect Your Haas Machine to the Internet
Tim from Hartford, Connecticut, recently asked the Haas Answer Man about HaasConnect. He’s worried that hooking up his Haas machine to the Internet will be complicated and difficult. With the Haas Next Generation Control and optional WiFi connectivity, the setup process could not be easier! So why not take advantage? Follow along as Bryan O’Fallon, our resident Haas Answer Man, walks you through the process.
Simplify Multi-Axis Machining with DWO/TCPC
In today’s Tip of the Day, Mark shows how the Haas DWO/TCPC option can greatly simplify 3+2, 4+1, or simultaneous 4- and 5-axis jobs. Using DWO/TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets / Tool Center Point Control), you can now create your CAM program ahead of time, and then place the workholding and part anywhere on the table, with no need to repost your program!

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