Last updated: 02/06/2019

Main Processor - Dual Battery Replacement Kit - Installation - CHC


Applies to machines built from: January, 1989


This procedure will show you how to install a Dual Battery kit on a machine or a simulator with a Classic Haas Control. 

If the battery was replaced on a simulator it is possible that you will need to recover the software configuration.  Refer to the following procedures:

If the procedures above do not apply to your simulator, contact your local Haas Factory Outlet for support.

This Procedure Applies to these Parts:


Dual Battery Replacement Kit - Installation


 Caution: When you handle a PCB, you must wear an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) strap.

The machine data can be lost in the battery replacement process. Backup your files.  
Note: This does not apply to a control simulator.


Install a VELCO STRIP [B] on a clean space [1] inside the control cabinet as shown.

Note: If installing the battery on a simulator find a spot inside the simulator enclosure.

Attach the DUAL BATTERY PCB [A] to the VELCRO STRIP [B]. If they are not installed, install the (2) batteries [2]. Use the (2) clips [3].

Connect the DUAL BATTERY PCB [A] cable [4] to the P1 connector on the processor PCB.
Note: Cold Fire 1 processors (32-4401) do not have the P1 plug for this kit.  You would need to solder the wires directly to the PCB.  Where the black cable connect to (-) negative and the red cable goes to (+) positive.

 Note: Remove the PCBs to get access to the processor PCB as necessary. Be sure to label the cables you disconnect to assist in installation.


Cut the old battery leads [2]. Use a pair of cutters [1].

Discard the old battery.

Install the PCBs and the cover as necessary.